My Time in Kiev with Olga

A small Ukranian ChurchA typical small Ukranian Church.
Olga and flowersHere is a blurry picture of Olga and flowers.
Trumpet PlayerHere is a small child playing a trumpet on a stack of pillows.

Kiev Statue of LibertyI don't know the name of this statue, but it's huge and awesome.
MeMe in Kiev. Near the tombs.
LeninMe standing in front of a Lenin like statue.

My first tourist shot in KievMy first tourist shot in Kiev.
Me in KievMy first tourist spot in Kiev.
The Olga BeatMy friend, Olga.

Olga Being SillyOlga being silly.
Olga in Cat's AlleyOlga in Cat's Alley.
Olga petting the cat statueOlga petting the cat statue.

The Olga Beat.The Olga Beat and a cat statue.
Olga in the mouth of a cat.This is my friend, Olga, in the mouth of a cat.
Crazy Elephant StatueThis is one of Olga's favorite tourist attractions in Kiev.